How to shave your Martian

Okay, so I have no problem when it comes to living on a budget.  I’ve lived in a 450 sq ft apartment before and eaten very minimally to get by.  I love camping and so any chance I get to go out into the woods in a tent, fish, start a fire, and just chill out I can do.  So when it came to coming out to the MDRS Hab for a couple of weeks to simulate being on Mars I thought that would be a no brainer.  I’ve been in plenty of situations where showers don’t exist and you need to sponge bath or just not bathe at all.  However, the one thing I did not account for was the need or access of shaving.  Don’t get me wrong that’s just one more thing that can go out the window if need be but if you need to/decide to shave, having access to water is quite desirable. Back at home you can use as much, or as little water as you want to shave but out here on Mars, water is at a premium.  So, because I shave my beard and my head, that’s a lot of shaving, using the same razor for a month plus is no problem for me, that I can manage.  Shaving with no water though, that’s a new thing.  It’s not as bad as it sounds…but it’s not cool either, let’s just say you gotta do what you gotta do.  It works, I’ve managed to stay more or less clean shaven.  Will I continue this trend at home more than likely not but it is a good thinking point as to some of the things that you take for granted that would need to be given up in a more dire situation of resources, such as a mission to Mars.


Mark Watney goes no shaving. Source: 20 Century Fox

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