Journalist Report 13

Today was our final EVA! We arose at the normal time (around 7, earlier for some), had breakfast, and immediately started prepping for our EVA. Three crew members left the Hab initially to carry out the daily engineering tasks, and then we performed some more data collection using the Phoenix rover which is here at the hab. We were then… Read more →

Journalist Report 12

Today was more of the same – wake up, breakfast, extra-vehicular activity, you know how it is. Today was the last EVA with the ATVs. Tomorrow will be our final EVA of the mission and will be on foot. It will have two parts. The first will involve taking some more images with the rover, and the second part will… Read more →

Journalist Report 11

Today, Danielle served as EVA Lead for our 8th excursion out from the hab to explore the Martian terrain. Our objective today was calibration exercises for the Virgil astronaut assistant tool. Our team of 4 rode to known points on the map and compared the GPS positions reported by the phone to the location read by a dedicated commercial GPS… Read more →

Journalist Report 10

ATVs are so much fun! We took the ATVs out today on an EVA to capture some GPS data and to gather some more quadcopter data. In the process we saw some more of the incredible local scenery.  Astronauts on a real Mars mission will see some awesome scenery too, but their vehicles will be a little less liberating than… Read more →

The Things We Leave Behind

As we approach the end of our brief journey to the Red Planet, it is natural to review the events of the last two weeks and try to put things in perspective. Over the last couple of days our meal discussions have been varied, from religion to politics and of course their relevance to space, but from these discussions many… Read more →

Day 9 Thoughts

Today is Sunday; no waking up at 7am, no EVA preparations, and no rush breakfast. All of us had a nice and long sleep after this extraordinary week. After Breakfast we decided to do some work-out, since we have water and we can take shower. I am here at MDRS since one week and I can tell it feels here… Read more →

Journalist Report, Day 9

Journalist Report 01/18/2015 Andrew Henry TODAY I HAD A SHOWER! Sorry for the caps, I’m just incredibly excited. It’s amazing how the little things that you normally take for granted can bring such unbridled joy when you’ve been deprived of them. Today was a day of rest. The crew arose a little later than usual and had breakfast. Some of… Read more →

Comms and Contingencies in the Sim

  Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. The same is true for astronauts living and working in remote locations such as the Canadian High Arctic, The International Space Station (ISS) and The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah. Given the variety of contingencies- unplanned events or emergencies- that can potentially arise in any… Read more →